Won't let me get to the launching screen because it says that I have 'Invalid Username or Password


Operating System: Mac Sieera

Launcher Version: v.1.4.14

Link to Log:

Details of Problem: I have tried multiple times migrating my account changing my password and changing my username over the time of several months but it still does not work. Plz help out a fellow mac user.


Is vanilla launcher working with same set of credentials? Did you try deleting profile and then recreating it? log?


I have got the same problem. Every time i click to start the username or the password are invalid. I’ve got a paid MC Account, i’ve got java 64-bit and i has changed my password. But it still doesn’t work. I uninstall feed the beast but no reaction. Same problem all the time. In Vanilla the password is right and i can play but in feed the beast…


and you’re using the right username (if migrated or newer account you should use your e-mail address, not in-game nickname)?