Suddenly launcher is freezing


Operating System:ubuntu 16.04

Launcher Version:1.4.14

Link to Log:

Details of Problem:The launcher keeps freezing when i try to launch a pack the window doesn’t close it no longer responds to clicks and all buttons are grayed out. I was playing the hermitpack mod pack right along had to restart the game and suddenly the pack will no longer launch and the launcher has the problems as described above.

I have tried re-downloading the launcher, restarting the system, backing up and deleting the ftb folder and the .ftblauncher folders. Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated.

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the window was completely frozen and would no longer move immediatly after posting this the window that had been sitting frozen for 20ish mins suddenly loaded. this has me concerned so i can attempt to pull logs again.

log added when the launcher finally sprung back to life it gave option to upload log


Do you have any antivirus software or firewall on that machine?

Have you checked permissions on the folder/files?


no fire wall or antivirus

yes they are all accessable and writable by user and group.

this was working fine and suddenly it stopped working which initially made me think something was corrupted. since i had been experiencing the white bed glitch earlier. but as i have backed up deleted both folder and let the launcher recreate them i dont think that is the problem.


As far as I can tell, this is an issue with Curse’s CDN; the URL it’s trying to download ( returns a 404 error.

The equivalent file for 1.7.10 is fine, see

Logs from successful login up to the hang:
Logs after the hang (which appears to be a connection to a backup URL timing out): - do your I/O on a background thread, not the UI thread!

The errors in the former and the stack trace in the latter are identical to reddeath68’s logs.


The following are all duplicates of this issue:

(probably Nothing Will launch too, but there’s not enough information to tell)


This might be a download issue due to Amazon S3 outage.

Wait a few hours and try again later.