Strange FPS issues



Hello !
I have been experiencing strange FPS, it will air at around 30 for a stupid amount of time but when I change my graphics settings from high to low or even from low to high it will go up too 120+ and sit there for about 1 min then go back down for no apparent reason. I am playing stone block two and my computer is good enough to be running it at 90fps + but no real clue why it isn’t, any help would be appreciated. (I’ve dedicated 5gb ram too it) (video settings make no change)

Many thanks


Follow instructions found here to get full log:



Is the intel graphics card the only one you have in that machine?
Update the drivers for the graphics card


okay will do cheers


This sadly hasn’t fixed the issue


Hey man @grandrolf , here are the new logs :

Thanks a bunch


What didn’t fix the issue - you haven’t updated your graphics driver, it’s still the same one.

And you didn’t answer my other question:


Yes it is


My best drivers are supposedly installed ?

new log ^


there’s no point of posting new logs if you didn’t update your drivers.

Where did you check for a driver?


online, downloaded the intel driver and my ge force experience. I posted that log as that was since I updated everything and have the best I can (newest)


The latest one listed there is, the one you’ve got is - please install the latest one.

I asked if the intel card was the only graphics card you had, and you said yes - but now you also say that you installed geforce experience - do you also have a Nvidia card in your machine?


yes I have its an Intel i7 and a nvidia GeForce GTX970m


Then make sure your game uses the Nvidia card instead of the intel one.

Follow this guide to make sure the game is using Nvidia instead of Intel.

Here’s a Youtube video on the matter (and some other settings as well):

Post new log if it fails again.