Skyfactory Server crash on start


Modpack: Skyfactory 3

Modpack Version: 3.0.15

Link to log:

Description of issue: I launch my server, and it can’t start!
It seems like it may have been FORCED to server_stopped instead of SERVER_STARTING
I’m not sure though, im new to servers and skyfactory.


The islands.json file is corrupt - restore that or your whole world from backup.

Did you server crash at some point (either just the game, or the server it self - os)

Or did you close the server down without using /stop

If you close the Minecraft server down with force, either just close the console - or restart the machine while the server is running - that will cause corruption to your world saves.


Yes i did restart my computer, a video (totally unrelated) got stuck and i couldnt alt f4 it so i had to restart. I’ll see if i can do that, thanks for the response!


That would be the same, you would force it to close - just as you was forced to do with the restart.

Best suggestion is to use a backup to restore your world, other things than just the islands.json might be broken in-game as well - and it sucks to find out that later on.

check the /backup-folder


yeah i tried using some backups and they didn’t end up working. Same thing, what should i do?

I gotta go to sleep for tn, thanks so much for your help


did you also find the islands.json file (think it’s in the config folder) - and replace that with a backup.
(if you don’t have a backup, delete it and it will be recreated - mind that if you got many islands you might need to sort that file out manually.


How do i check if i have a backup?
Same thing as the saves folder? I check island folder and it had nothing in it

Edit: Found out how to replace island.json thingy, launching server now. fingers crossed!!


Omg it worked! Thank you so much grandrolf i appreciate your time man