Skyfactory 3.0 can't Join Friends Server


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Skyfactory 3,0
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I try to join a friends server and I get Network is unreachable: no further information. Although there are two other people in the server who had no problems entering. I’ve tried literally everything on the internet to fix this and still cannot find a fix. Please help!


Follow instructions found here to get full log:


@grandrolf So I can log into other servers fine, just not my friends. Also, I hot spotted myself and was able to log in to his server. This makes me think its a port forwarding issue.


[21:57:29] [Client thread/INFO]: Connecting to 2604:2d80:4030:84c5:5081:cd7f:78d6:cfa1, 25565

Use Ipv4 instead of ipv6.


Could you please explain how I can change from ipv6 to ipv4.


Ask the server owner


So I recieved his ipv4 address and I still cannot connect.


Show new log from that attempt.


Update: The server owner changed the mod to Departed, also I found out he is using an Ipv6. My Ipv6 has no internet connection which I think is the main problem. Sorry for any confusion and misunderstanding.


That Ipv6 is not reachable from public internet - make sure your friend is using a network that can be reached from your ISP.

This is not a issue on your side.


So, I finally got it to work. I updated my router firmware and then changed my ipv6 connection to turn on. Thanks for all your help Grandrolf.


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