Server Crash


Modpack: FTB Revelation

Modpack Version: 2.6.0

Link to log:

Description of issue: Whenever entering Twilight Forest something keeps making the server shut down and it’d be helpful to receive help to resolve the issue, thanks.


What java and linux dist is this?


Java 8 and not sure how to check on the second one


Install Java from Oracle, you have Eclipse JVM installed.

Dist = distribution (what “version” of linux is it, Ubuntu, red hat, debian etc.)


where do i find out which version it is


Doesn’t matter that much, was just curious - sort out the Java and try again - did it come with java eclipse pre-loaded, or why did you select that one?


I’m pretty sure it came with it as it is


Ok, did you install the OS yourself or is it a service you pay for?


A service, the only options are java 8, java 8 (legacy), and java 7


Not sure what they mean by legacy - do you have a link to their site?



Oh some panel and stuff, try the legacy out (don’t go for java 7).

If you still have issues, try contacting the hosting company.


alright ty