Project Ozone 2 - Ticking memory connection


Modpack Name: Project Ozone 2 Reloaded

Modpack Version (E.g Infinity 2.2.1): 2.4.0

Launcher Version (E.g 1.4.10 or Curse): Twitch/Curse

Link to Log (Required):

Have you made any changes to the pack? (If yes please list the changes): No

Issue Details: Hello,
I have 100 or so hours in my world, I’ve had it crash a couple times in the past, but it all seems fine when relaunching the game. Although upon breaking an ME Security Terminal it crashed and gave me the ticking memory connection error. I’ve never seen this error before and it happens every time I try to open my world.

I have tried creating a new world and loading an existing world, both work just fine. When loading my current world, it loads and I see the sky and my hotbar etc very briefly, and then it crashes right away. Any help would be appreciated, that was a lot of work to just see it corrupted and unrecoverable :frowning:


Restore your world to a backup copy.


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