Please help! Can't launch "Unstable 1.7.x" modpack


My FTB Launcher is able to download all the files required for the "Unstable 1.7.x" modpack but it fails to launch. I've tried to launch the 1.0.4 version but it didn't work and the 1.0.5. version still will not launch. The same lines of text show up in my launcher every time I attempt to launch...

  • This pack is a development and testing pack. It is not an official pack. It is not to be considered stable. Mods may be moved in and out of this pack with no warning. Worlds may need re-set without warning. The pack will cease to exist when official 1.7 packs are released. If you want to help test the stability of 1.7 Forge and mods feel free to dive in. Just keep in mind there is no tech support for this pack, and it is not an official pack.
  • Logging in...
  • Login complete.
  • Checking local assets file, for MC version1.7.10 Please wait!
  • Setting up native libraries for Unstable 1.7.x v 1.0.5 MC 1.7.10
  • Syncing Assets:
  • Java Path: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe
  • Pack: Unstable 1.7.x 1.7.10
  • Setting MinMemory to 256
  • Setting MaxMemory to 1536
  • Defaulting PermSize to 256m
  • Error while running launchMinecraft(): java.lang.NullPointerException


Hello CreepinChoas, Could you provide a console log for us to have a look, with out a log we cant help much. Finding the logs:


have exact same problem


@Pidddee Make your own question and do what @Jikuja has requested above.