Need help with trying to join my friend's FTB Revelation server


Me and my friend are using LogMeIn Hamachi instead of port forwarding. I’ve tried to join the server but it says Timed out, although my friend sees that I left the game before I have even joined. I’ve been using McAfee firewall and have let Minecraft, LogMeIn Hamachi, and Java through the firewall’s whitelist. We’ve read a lot of forums on here with people that have had the same problem but it hasn’t worked for us. I don’t know how to find the logs if somebody could help me out that would be awesome.


Why not use portforward?
Sounds like you making it way too complicated with your current setup.


Port forwarding doesn’t work for some reason


Doesn’t work how?

Did you do the port forward on the router/firewall?

And also open the port in the local firewall on the machine running the server?


Hey, I am the server host and Kuroday is my friend playing on it. I’ll answer the questions you have for him.

Yes I did port forward on the router with the 25565 port. I don’t think I opened the port in the local firewall on the machine though. My friend and I used to use port forwarding for playing together but one day it stopped working so we’ve been using Hamachi ever since and its been working fine. I try and get the port forwarding working first though. I will let you know if the local firewall was the problem!


So I port forwarded the 25565 port through windows defender firewall (both TCP and UDP) and made sure the router is port forwarding the same thing, yet the port is still blocked. I checked using but it still just says:

Error: I could not see your service on *(my ip) on port ( 25565 )

Yes, I also checked to see if my friend could join the server using my IP, and it said this message:$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:

No idea why the problem persists even though I have done the port forwarding correctly. Any solutions?


I cannot guarantee that I have a specific solution for your problem, but I just want to mention that it seems that recently Java is causing problems in terms of connecting to FTB Revelation servers.

I recently experienced having problems connecting to my local server where a re-install (of a newly installed Java) worked. Then I experienced the same on another computer and found out that simply clearly that Java cache (temporary files - in Java through the Control Panel) did the trick as well.


This really doesn’t have anything with the issue @Shadowtale is having.

Can you share exactly how you set it up - share screenshots and don’t mask IP addresses. If you don’t want to post that public here, feel free to send a direct message to me here - and I’ll check those out and give a relevant answer here based on the information.

Also share your file, use a paste site and give the link.


I sent you a DM of all the pictures and some info behind them. I just sent a picture of the file, but if you need me to use a paste site, let me know!


Got the info - due to the nature of your info, i’m going to answer you there - and when we solved it we’ll add the solution here - but without your personal information, in case anyone else finds this and have similar issue.


do you mind sharing if you still have the solution


It was hardware related / nat / router issue - if you have issues @soccerplayer_1, create your own thread.