Multicraft server not working


Hey! I am hosting a server through Minecrafted which uses multicraft. I am trying to setup a feed the beast Monster server but am having tons of issues. Through multicraft I put the server Jar and then installed the mod, library and config folder to the Jar directory. Upon trying to connect I got an error saying something like Forge Mod Loader has found mismatches in id's between the world and the game, then gave a list including id's (I do not currently have this error because we changed stuff and no longer get it). I tried downloading the config and mods folder from multicraft to put into my folder and using a idfix program but nothing worked. After deleting my mods folder in my monster folder on my computer I could connect to the server, but it was all vanilla. It seemed that the mods were not recognized.

Then I tried moving the mods folder out of the Jar directory and into the main folder with everything else. Here are the logs: I have the incomplete console log, this is all that I could copy: I do not know how to get the whole console log but would be happy to upload the rest of it.

server.log : I have spent 18 hours with my brother trying to fix this and nothing we have found on this forum, multicraft or minecrafted forums has helped. Thank you for any help!


I would also be interested in finding a solution to this, the only difference is that I hav e my config and libraries folder outside the jar folder. If someone tries to connect the server throws an out of memory error, but besides that the problem seems very similar.


Contact your server host.