Mod-pack Launch comes to a standstill after setting memory following launcher update to version 1.4.13 (non-pack specific)


Operating System: Windows 10

Launcher Version: version 1.4.13 Build: 10413

Link to Log:

Details of Problem: When launching FTB launcher after a several hour break from playing it said there was an update for the launcher. Now, following the update, the launch now comes to a stop after the point where it sets the minimum and maximum memory when attempting to launch any mod-pack.


I see, thanks for information. Can you try beta 1.4.14 and tell if thet fixes the problem. Check your FPS after getting game to run.

For reference here is 1.4.12 version

1.4.13 has one change which seems to change things with some users. ATI/AMD have reported decreased FPS and some users(common factor unknown) are giving reports like you. Any feedbackk of success or failures is appreciated.


Thank for the information. After downloading the beta 1.4.14 launcher modpacks are now launching and running as they were prior to updating to the 1.4.13 version of the launcher.