okay. I’m not here to argue with the mods in the minetogether chat. I respect the decision about banning me for saying “t-series is g*y”. However the rules are not very easy to find and now I cannot even find them after I have been banned. I do not appreciate other players calling me a “jerk” and find it funny how they don’t get banned for that while thousands of people are saying what I said to get banned. We don’t want kids to pick up on these words. That is why I respect the decision on the ban. I just believe that there are some circumstances to bans that they need should have the opportunity to be appealed. If this is not allowed, than delete. But I would like the moderators and/or the admins to receive the input that the rules are not easy to see otherwise I would have saw them and read them. I have no way of reading them now though.


I’m not sure you’re in the right place.

This is support for FTB mod packs.

Not sure if you’re perhaps thinking of a specific Minecraft server, hosted by someone - I’m not really sure what you mean with “minetogether chat”.

Either way - this is the wrong place for what ever it is you need help with or need saying.