Launcher Update and Launcher Download won't work



Operating System:
OS X Version 10.9.5
Launcher Version:
Currently 1.4.8 but trying to get to 1.4.11 / the latest one
Link to Log:
Nothing to show but:
Details of Problem:
So basically, I want to get back into minecraft. I opened up my FTB launcher and it says there is a new update. I click 'Yes" on the thingy that pops up. But nothing happens, the launcher literally freezes and I have to force close it. Then I thought that there might be a bug with the update button thing, so I go to the FTB website to download the new launcher from there. But when I click the download button, the actual download freezes. It says ‘Starting’ forever. Because of this I cancel the download.
And I can’t redownload/update any of the packs, otherwise it says that the download failed and will restart. But when it restarts it fails again and goes in a cycle. I would upload the log here but the friggin launcher freezes again and I have to force quit it again.
This is very frustrating, someone please tell there is a way, or it’s FTB’s issue not mine because I don’t have a clue on how to fix this.


Just some related image I forgot to add when writing this post :stuck_out_tongue:



I have the same trouble with Ubuntu.
I get the new update notice to update to 1.4.13 (from 1.4.12).
I have clicked the yes 5 times and it will not update.
I have DL from the website and installed it.
I still get the update notice.