Launcher fails when I launch direwolf20


it just doesnt work when i try to launch dw20 1.6.4 recommended version (1.0.23) it works fine with agrarian skies though :\

the log:


Fix your post and use pastebin for your logs. Info for logs and pastebin on the right of this page.


yeah looks better now so can you now find what is wrong?


Try removing java 8 and reverting back to java 7.

The reason we ask for pastebin is walls of text are near impossible to read.


ok i uninstalled java 8 but it still doesnt work :( i think the log is about the same but here it is nonetheless:


The launcher is still preferring to use java 8. Remove it and reboot.


i just reinstalled the modpack and optifine and now it's working fine