Lag Spikes after playing for an hour or so on a 1 gig server hosted in the UK (I'm East Coast US)



Modpack Version: 2.6.0-1.12.2

After hour-ish of playing game lags for 10ish seconds every 30 seconds to a minute, caused by various errors, possibly related to “entity spawning packets”. It happens to me and me alone, despite the fact that three others regularly play and don’t have this issue at all.

I was told that “some mod (probably through coremodding) is messing up entity spawning packets” by a modpack dev on the Modded Minecraft Discord, it’s all the information I have on the specifics. Logging out and restarting my Minecraft (I use MultiMC) is the only way to fix this, logging out and back into the server alone doesn’t fix it, and it will lag again after an hour or so repeating the cycle.

EDIT: Forgot to post my log, how I missed this I’ll never know.


Get a better server.


Are you 100% sure that is the problem? Why are the others on my server not affected by this then?


I’m surprised that you can start a server with just 1gb


Starting it was a little dodgy for the first 10 minutes, but it mostly works fine… for everyone but me. I don’t understand all these fatal exceptions and what not I am getting, can you make sense of any of them? Or know someone who can?