An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host


Modpack: FTB Revalations

Modpack Version: 2.7.0

Link to log:

Description of issue:
I’ve been trying to get into my friend’s server for quite a few hours now but it kept loading a blank dirt screen and then comes up with An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
I’ve changed the firewall setting for Java to private, I’ve got nothing in my java parameters, I’ve allocated 4.5GB RAM. I’ve been using the FTB Launcher Console as the Twitch one always crashes on me and I have no idea how to fix this.


I’ve also found these errors


1 - If you’re using any 3rd party antivirus software, make sure to whitelist/exception both java and the game folder - then do a force update of the pack.

2 - If you still have issues, post full log

Instructions for both force update and getting full log can be found here:


I have the same issue, FTB Revelations 2.7.0 running on dedicated machine. Every time I connect it shows this error the first time, without fail. Connecting a second time usually works fine. I’ve pasted the error in hastebin: (removed all lines about itemstack aspect checking, etc as it’s not related)

This does not only happen to me, but anyone connecting to the server seems to be unable to do so the first time, after the first time it seems to start working again. I can also receive this error message randomly throughout playing, where it will disconnect me from the server at random (sometimes browsing inventory or recipes, sometimes just running about). I’ve been unable to replicate the in-game crashes, but the connection issue (1st time never works, second does) is happening without fail at current.

I have checked the server console at the time of the disconnect and it’s always just “timed out”, no more information.