Invalid username or password error



Hey, so I know you guys probably get loads of these. I have the same issue. “Invalid credentials received for user: ToxicPlayerX: com.mojang.authlib.exceptions.InvalidCredentialsException: Invalid credentials. Invalid username or password.” I have a paid MC account that I’ve used for 5 years, used the same password for about a year now, I know I spelt it correctly, the name correctly, the email correctly, so I don’t understand why the launcher is having issues. I’m currently playing FTB Continuum regularly so I’d like to get back to it ASAP. Also, this error only occurred after I tried downloading on older modpack, from 1.5 and lower. I have a hunch that this could be the cause, but I’m not a tech wizard. Thanks for reading.


The launcher has nothing to do with the account, the authentication is done towards the Mojang servers - so if the message is like the one you get, there’s a issue with your credentials or the service is down.

Did you use a different launcher for that?
(some cracked launchers change your local host file = you can’t reach the Mojang servers at all in order to authenticate)

It would help out if you shared a log, that way we can see what’s going wrong, instructions for getting a log can be found here: