If I try to join a server the game crashes without a error message



Modpack: FTP Trident v.1.4.0

Modpack Version: 1.4.0

Description of issue: erverything works good but only if i join Server from a friend. Like a wonder it woked with no Problem but then i got kikked out and i can’t join because when i join the Server my game Closes and my louncher opens I can Play singleplayer also but no multiplayer.

Link to log: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/fe043195


[14:24:27] [INFO] MainHelpers.printInfo:39: FTBLaunch starting up (version 1.4.16 Build: 10416)

Update your launcher to the latest version and try again, post new log if it still fails.

Also - -Xmx16336M

That is way too much ram allocated - regardless on how much ram you have available on your machine, that will cause issues for you.

For a 1.7.10 pack - 2-4gb is enough
For 1.10.2 and later 4-6gb
A few of the latest pack released might even need 8gb to function properly


Still doesn’t work

Log: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/e36fd4fb


Can you do a force update, instructions can be found here:

Post new log if it still fails.


doesn’t work

Log: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/c73a3028


Do you have any 3rd party antivirus software on your machine?


Where can i look if i have one?



Do a hijack scan and share the result from that:

(instructions borrowed from #minecrafthelp (irc-channel with community help for vanilla minecraft)

Trend Micro HijackThis is a utility that is used to collect diagnostic reports of your computer to help narrow down an issue you may be having. Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/files/latest/download

Run the program, choose “I accept”, then “Do a scan and save a log file”. After a while a text file will open. Copy everything, put the log on paste.feed-the-beast.com and share the link


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