I have lost my Inventory when I logged back in my singleplayer world



Modpack Name: FTB Infinity Evolved

Modpack Version (E.g Infinity 2.2.1): Infinity Evolved 3.0.2

Launcher Version (E.g 1.4.10 or Curse): 1.7.10 (modded) forge-

Link to Log (Required): Before the loss of my inventory: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/d271fb1f
When I lose my inventory: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/0d16c9d4
Latest log (If I miss anything): https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/93176027

Have you made any changes to the pack? (If yes please list the changes): No

Issue Details: When I close the game (sometimes using task manager to close it) and opening the Minecraft launcher from twitch and launched the game, I logged back in my singleplayer world with an empty inventory and spawned in my default spawn area. I do not know if it’s a corrupt save file or what happened since the world itself I logged back into was not even deleted.


If you force the game to close you don’t let the game save to disk = things can and will be lost, if you’re unlucky your world can get corrupted as well.

Always use the in-game buttons to close and logout. (not the x either in the upper right corner)


I’m sorry but let me clarify: I always save and quit to the title first, and then I quit the game. However, when the game takes too long to close, I used task manager to close the game.

I also remember that when I was loading into that world, I usually see the title screen with buttons flashing once everytime it loads. But the last time I logged into the world, the title screen remained idle so I logged in to the game again, I lost my Inventory.

If there is no resolution, can you give some set of instructions to transfer my backup inventory from my backup folder into that world? Thank You.


Look for NBTExplorer if you want to fiddle around with your player file.

Or just replace your player file with the one from your backup.

(those files are saved with your players uuid in the playerdata folder.)


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