Help! My friends pack'S won't load please helllppppp


When he loads the pack on ftb and ATLauncher it goes straight back to the menu screen on ftb only he presses launch it goes gray the lights back up again but I had him install java 7 we tried that and it didn’t work he installed java 8 and it didn’t work and I am very frustrated I’ve put 3 months into this and I hope u can help me out. I TRIED EVERYTHING I could by myself so that’s why I came to this support ,what do you suggest,?


My suggestion: fill the template and share link to log file.


I can’t my friend is confused with all this stuff I just need to know the most UNCOMMON fix


Here is fix I have never offered for MC problems: “Install linux”. Reasoning for answer: you asked for most uncommon fix.

Please fill the template and post a log for proper troubleshooting. I’ve set this tread to automatically close after three days from last post.