Game Crash and Deletes The World


Modpack Name: FTB infinty Evolved Skyblock

Modpack Version (E.g Infinity 2.2.1): last version

Launcher Version (E.g 1.4.10 or Curse): last version(FTB launcher)

Link to Log (Required):

Have you made any changes to the pack? (If yes please list the changes): yes i added better builder wands mod

Issue Details: so i was working on world then decided to go out (afk) for a while but when i came back i saw my game crashed and my world got deleted somehow so i checked my save folder i saw that my world folder has only one file left it was enderio file. thats the only file i saw nothing else was there weird why would a crash delete world ?


btw this happened to my 3 times now i had to use backup


1 - Avoid using desktop for you save location, open options tab on the launcher, change location to c:\ftb (or anything else of choice, just stay out of system created folders)

When you launch next time it will download the pack to the new location, let it run and then only copy back your world saves, server lists - and if there’s other things you find that you want - but do not copy and replace everything.

2 - Update your java, make sure to get the latest java 8 64-bit version

3 - If you have a 3rd party antivirus software, make sure to add game folder (c:\ftb or the one that you selected), and also add java to exception/whitelist (different AV software has different names for the same feature)

4 - I would recommend that you change what GPU you use. Currently the game is using your intel one, but you have a Nvidia card.

Follow this guide to make sure the game is using Nvidia instead of Intel.

(see imgur link on that reddit post)

If you still have issues, post a new log


i tried changing ftb folder place(location) and it works thanks!


That’s great :slight_smile:

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