FTBU Permissions not applying



We have our own Pixelmon modded server using FTBUtilities, but we’re having some trouble with setting up ranks and permissions.

We’ve made sure that the config has ranks enabled, and that override_commands is true. After that, we added another rank called “trainer” to the ranks.json file. We want to add more commands to it, but for now, we’re just trying to get the pixelmon endbattle command to work. However, when we get in game, players with the “trainer” rank don’t have permission to use the command, despite /ftb ranks check_permission for the command returning true.

Our sever is running with Sponge, so we thought that Sponge might have some kind of permissions file that is conflicting with FTBU, but found none. We’re not using any other permissions mod/plugin, and are clueless as to why it isn’t working.

Setting players to each of the ranks does seem to work, as their names are changed to match the syntax specified in ranks.json. It’s just the permissions part that we can’t seem to get working.

Here’s our ranks.json, in case I’m dumb and typed it in wrong.


maybe try using spongepowered
with a ranks plugin