FTB Revelations Server Setup Issue


Modpack: Revelations

Modpack Version: 2.7.0

My current understanding is that once the server files have been extracted to a new folder, the “ServerStart.bat” file would be run, which would receive the necessary files for server complete server setup (EULA, properties etc). However, when I run the file, or any .bat file from the .zip, the application flashes open for a split-second before immediately closing. I am able to run other batch files on my PC, and am fairly certain I have the latest version of 64bit java installed so I’m unsure as to what exactly the issue is. Any help would be appreciated.


What version?

Can you check if there’s any log created (check logs folder), or crash-report?

If not, can you try and get a screen shot or anything that you might be able to share - showing something about your issue.


I have version 8 (update 171) installed.

No log seems to have been created. Here is a recording of the issue.


In what folder did you put the server?
(please show full path)


I extracted the files into a new folder located on the desktop (I named it FTB Server, although I assumed the name was irrelevant).

Full path is: C:\Users\Clayton-DT\Desktop\FTB Server


Is your desktop a part of your Ondrive?

Do you have any 3rd party Antivirus software on your machine?


OneDrive is on the machine (windows 10), but it is has not been set up, so that’s a negative. Regarding the antivirus, the only security are Windows Firewall and Windows Antivirus Defender, both of which are active. As an aside, I went ahead and turned off the “real-time protection” found in the settings, and the .bat still refused to work.


After making my own batch file (this time including the full path to the jarfile) I was partially successful in “running” it. However, it appears there are some essential files that are listed as missing.


First time you run ServerStart.bat it triggers FTBInstall.bat - that downloads the needed files.

Can you do:

java -version

and show me the outcome



Try and create a new folder directly under c:\ (like c:\games) - and put the server as a sub folder there.


Just tried this and the problem persists. Path was “C:\Games\FTB Server”.



1 - Is this a legit version of windows?

2 - Have you disabled UAC?

3 - Is this a company owned machine?

4 - Are you trying to run this elevated (as administrator)?- if yes, stop that, if no - don’t do it!


1 - Yes, this is a licensed copy of Windows 10
2 - I have disabled the UAC
3 - This is my personal desktop
4 - I have not been


Enable UAC - why did you even turn that off?


Enable UAC - why did you even turn that off?

My mistake, I assumed you were offering that as a possible fix. The file still isn’t behaving whether or not the UAC is on or off.


Perhaps you should do a hijack scan and share the result from that:

(instructions borrowed from #minecrafthelp (irc-channel with community help for vanilla minecraft)

Trend Micro HijackThis is a utility that is used to collect diagnostic reports of your computer to help narrow down an issue you may be having. Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/files/latest/download

Run the program, choose “I accept”, then “Do a scan and save a log file”. After a while a text file will open. Copy everything, put the log on paste.feed-the-beast.com and share the link


Sorry for the delay, had some midterms get in the way.
Here is the URL: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/bdcc40ba


A question about this:


Are you running a cracked version of steam?


No, none of my applications are cracked.