FTB Revaluations


So i decided to play FTB Revelations again since the pack was so much fun. when i try running the pack my frame rate is way too low. i gave it around 6 GB. i updated my graphics driver and i even downloaded optifine. yet it still docent fix the freezing and crashing problems i have had. Please help.

Crash Log: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/4664b630


Is this the only graphics card you have in that machine:
Intel® HD Graphics 6000


Yeah its the only one i have. I’ve had this graphics card for about three years now.


Just checking.

Have seen a few times with players having a better card in their machine, but “used” the lesser one when launching.

Can you do a repair of the pack?

Instructions for that can be found here:

If it still fails, post new log.

Also if it still fails please answer this question as well:
Are you using any 3rd party antivirus on that machine?