FTB Infinity Evolved Server Doesn't Start ( Attempting to load JABBA data. )



Yes. I downloaded the Server jar installed everything fine. Afterwards replaced the world folder with mine and stopped working again at Attempting to Load JABBA Data.


only the jar?

Do a clean install from start from the zip-file.


No, I did everything in a blank folder. Just as if I’m installing the server the first time.


So the server starts like normal after that install, but breaks on a saved world?


Yes @grandrolf


That would have been good information to have from start…

Did something happen while running the server - power outage, crash or something like that - that could have caused the minecraft server to be not turned off properly (using /stop)?


Yes the Server got shutdown by the Hypervisor. (The machine is a vm)


I see - then your world is most likely corrupted due to not being saved properly.

Have you tried restoring to a previous backup - pre-shutdown?


No the backups weren’t properly saved since the folders are there but the zip is not.


Are you using the built in one, or did you turn that off?
(ftb utilities)

And if you’re using that - it should save every 2 hours default - if a player is online - is your world not older than 2 hours?


Idk which one I’m using, probably the built in if it’s saved in the backups/ folder, and it didn’t save anything there dunno why. basically the folders are there, but they zip isn’t


If your world is corrupt and you manage to fix it so it can start, usually there’s other stuff that’s broken that turn up later on.

Did you spend much time in that world?

1 thing you could try is to load the world in your client as a SP-world and see if that launches.


Had like 8 days ingame time and a really big ME System and all that.

Yea I’m trying out some stuff to fix it.

WIll try using the world in Singeplayer.


That sucks, feel sorry for you.

If it still crashes on SP - share that log, that might show other stuff.

Instructions for getting the client log:

And if you get it working again, make sure your backups are running as they should.
(local/ftbu/config.json - change “need_online_players”: true, to “need_online_players”: false, - I’m not sure about that one, but to me it sounds like it only does backups if a player is online when the 2h marker hits - I haven’t used 1.7.10 in a while, and I turn the built in backups from mod packs off and run a bash script instead “outside” of the mc-server)


I’ll do that tomorrow when I’m on my PC! Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it!!


Downloaded it on my Pc, placed it in my saves folder. My Minecraft only shows Loading Terrain forever.

Couldn’t get the log tutorial you sent since the link is offline. I uploaded the fml-client-latest.log file from the logs/ folder

Log https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zGCxmzg34p/

Side Info: I can recreate the world with the option in Minecraft (just recreates the terrain, without inventory and the whole me system of course) dunno if this is viable information?


Also, I downloaded McEdit and got the world to load (every mod block is just an ??) https://imgur.com/a/UsYWqd1


also I didnt find one file in the worlds/ folder that couldn’t be read by the NBTExplorer


Sorry for the spam BUT I removed the JABBA mod now and it still gets stuck just without the jabba message. So the error isn’t even getting logged!



I copied each folder in a newly created world and it seems that the HardcoreQuesting folder (which I never used or touched) didn’t let the server start! (Even without an Error Message!!)

Thank you for your help and patience!!!