FtB Infinity Evolved client crash issue



Modpack Name: FTB Infinity Evolved

Modpack Version: 3.0.2

Launcher Version: FTB 1.4.17

Link to Log: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/b49276f4
Note: this is the minecraft crash log, not the launcher log
Have you made any changes to the pack?: using Optifine instead of Fastcraft

Issue Details: i crafted a thermal expansion cover block using structural ducts and a Gold-Wireframe version of the Factory Block by the mod chisel. I then attempted to place this cover onto a Cryo-Stabilized Fluxduct. Directly after placing the block the game crashed and continues to crash upon attempting to log into the server. The server itself is fine for some reason and does not crash.


Not the same kind of mod - if (and I say IF you get optifine to work, having fastcraft as well shouldn’t be a issue)

With that said:
Optifine is known to cause various issues together with other mods - so that’s why it’s not supported in FTB packs (or added from start - not even on curse)

So disable Optifine, run the pack again and post new log if it still fails.

EDIT: also if/when posting new log, follow instructions found here to get full log:


Both Optifine and Fastcraft get better FPS and i have found that the game runs better with Optifine instead. Also: Zoom. Below is why i doubt it has sth to do with optifine, but i will try using fastcraft the next time something like this occurs.

I set the server back to a previous state and that fixed the issue, just as I assumed.

Everything works fine now since the buggy block has been removed from the world.

I followed the steps originally, however, the launcher console does not reference why the game crashed as it simply states where the crashlog, which i then uploaded instead, has been saved.

If you want the launcher console, i am happy to recreate the error and post it here.


It has nothing to do with doubt or assuming, checking your log it’s obvious your client crashed due to optifine and the rendering of a block, when you rolled the server back that block was removed - ergo, the error vanished.

If you check line 22-40 and 100-> in the log you provided, you’ll see errors caused due to optifine.

You can like optifine as much as you want, that’s not what I’m saying - it’s just known to cause issues, and your log states that.

Not really, fastcraft is not focused on just FPS, it’s included as a feature - main goal is overall performance. Optifine does not have that goal at all.

And you don’t have to remove fastcraft due to optifine, you can run them both - but if there’s issues - the issue is optifine, not fastcraft.

You would probably benifit from running fastcraft as well.

Full log should contain all information - even if you didn’t spot it - plus it also contains other information that might help solve issues when they occur.

But no, there’s no need for you to post another log - if you solved the issue with the rollback, then you’re good.

Have fun!


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