FTB continuum


I download a modpack from twitch. (FTB Continuum)
But when i push to play it’s crashing. (an unexpected problem occurred and the game crashed)
Another modpack, FTB Sky Factory 3 running perfect…

here is log



Move your installation out from the OneDrive folder structure - that’s causing the issues.

The SkyFactory 3 might have been installed before the documents folder being a part of OneDrive - but even now that will cause issues even for that pack.

Post new log if it still fails.



i do, but the error continues.

new log:



2 questions:

S: <-- is that a locally attached drive - (or network or just mounted point to some other location on c:)

How did you do the change of location, did you change in settings and letting it re-install or did you try and move the contents?



S is a local SSD drive. All my games are here.
I change in settings. First time i copy all things from old place. FTB Beyond and Sky Factory 3 mods running good, but Continuum not.
Then i delete and re-install mod pack Continuum, but the error still continues.




Question: Do you have any 3rd party antivirus software on your machine?
(if yes, make sure the folder structure is whitelisted + java as well)

Do a repair of that pack - instructions for that can be found here:

(would be about the same as remove and re-install, but please try anyways)

Post new log if it still fails.



Yes i have 3rd party AV (comodo). But Minecraft folder are whitelisted and java too.

I reinstall everything (minecraft, twitch and mod packs)

2 mod packs are running , i have attached logs
Beyond: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/98fd5e9e
Sky Factory 3: https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/db085483

Continuum still not running…





Did you remove everything?
(first you stated that you copied some stuff over)

Make sure that it’s not your AV that’s messing the files up - error message looks just like it.
(check from line 41 in the log)

These 2 are using a different version / file of forge on your drive + using different version of vanilla jar than Continuum - being based of different Minecraft versions.

Open this folder:

And check file hash on the file forge-1.12.2- located in that folder.

Shift+right click in the empty space of the folder where the file is - and select “Open a command window here”
(if you see open a PowerShell window here, that’s good as well)

if you opened a command window, type “powershell” and press enter (without “”)
If you opened PowerShell - skip this step.

Then type:
(or copy/paste)
Get-FileHash forge-1.12.2- -Algorithm SHA256
Press enter

This will give you the hash of the file, if yours is different than mine, then that file is broken.

If this file checks out you can also check the 1.12.2.jar file
(same procedure but in this folder)