Extremly slow download speed


Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Launcher Version: 1.4.13

Link to Log: none

Details of Problem: The downloading speed is painfully slow like 48kb/s on both download locations.
The problem occured when i updated the client and i have never had that issue before…
Makes the game at least unplayable…


The download speed of what?


What can you download with the ftb launcher…


You didn’t say it was via the launcher, that’s why I asked.

Can you post any logs?

Both locations - what do you mean by that?


We are in “FTB Launcher” subforum.

By both locations i mean “automatic” and “CurseCDN”.

What logs when there aren’t any? That ain’t crash or smth.


If you can’t answer questions about your environment and you feel the need to be rude, then good luck!