DW20 2.4 - Ability to duplicate ender pearls in TiCon smeltery



There is a misconfiguration that allows a player to put 1 ender pearl in the smeltery, giving them 576 mB of Resonant Ender, but they can then cast that into a gem cast at 250 mB per pearl to get 2 ender pearls (plus some leftover Resonant Ender fluid). This can be quickly and easily automated to make an infinite ender pearl generator.

Fix: Remove the ender pearl smetling recipe and re-add it w/ CraftTweaker, giving only 250 mB of resonant ender fluid per pearl.

mods.tconstruct.Melting.removeRecipe(liquid:ender, minecraft:ender_pearl);
mods.tconstruct.Melting.addRecipe(liquid:ender * 250, minecraft:ender_pearl);


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