Double RAM usage for FTB Revelatations



For some reason, the Modpack is taking up 2*8GB of RAM on my computer causing frequent lag issues ingame and making it literally impossible to run any type of program in the Background. Below is a snapshot of my Ressorce-monitor:

For some reason there seems to be one instance of java using ca. 8GB AND one instance of javaw using 8GB of RAM. Any suggestions?


My guess is that one is the launcher and the other one is “the game window” - the launcher should not use that much ram - so I’m wondering if you changed anything.

If you want, you can check with PowerShell - open a PowerShell window and paste this in:

Get-Process *java* | Select Mainwindowtitle, Id

Outcome would looks something like this (if you launch using Twitch):

If unsure, post a screen of that window with your result.

Where did you allocate ram (explain how you did it)

Also - running BlackDesert64.exe (Black desert online?), at the same time - is not something to recommend if you want a lag free experience. As that is most likely using all resources it can (cpu, disk, ram, gpu).

Post a log as well if you need further help, instructions for that can be found here:


I have not manually allocated RAM, I’m only using the RAM bar in the FTB Launchers settings. After relogging RAM usage dropped drastically. However, the Launcher still uses around 1 GB of RAM. This for example makes it impossible for a friend of mine to even start this pack, who “only” has 8 GB of RAM. I’m not using the Twitch version, does that change anything? My PC has not had any problems with running Black Desert Online and this modpack together in the past (I only get around 30 FPS regardless).
Below is the requested image :


No that’s fine - but launcher should still not use that much ram

Running 2 games is not a recommended action to take - especially when you experience lag - I’m guessing that you only have one GPU and every render taking place is needed to be done by that 1 gpu and 1 cpu.

Can you also get the full log according to the instructions?

you only needed to do the *java* if you look at the result you also get the one from javaw as well, du to the wildcard in the beginning and end. :slight_smile:


The Issue is not a lag issue on my part, but rather that i wanted to bring up the fact that the launcher still uses 1GB of RAM when the modpack is running. This leads to issues regarding people with less RAM than me like a friend of mine who can’t even start the modpack because of this.


Well it’s java - both the Minecraft game and FTB launcher are java based.
(also mind that the java engine needs extra ram, outside the ram allocated - that’s just how java works)

When the game is launched, you should be able to close the launcher, if that’s still open.

If your friend doesn’t have enough ram on the machine - then that’s the issue - your friend needs to update the machine in able to play the newer packs - or play older packs.

This is not a bug.
(the fact that your launcher used almost 8gb might be a bug, or some other setting on your machine that causes it - I just checked mine and it’s using just under 2gb, been running the launcher since yesterday - some 24hours or so)