direwolf20 hosted via multimc and connecting to lan server, some blocks (marble and barricades)not showing up


I’m hosting a server on my lan, online is set to false. I’m just hosting so I can play inside on my own lan.

I use multimc as my client.

I’m able to host a client/server connection and play.

However, oak barricades and marble show up incorrectly. Marble looks like a white sheet of wool, and oak barricades looks like a brown sheet of oak bark

When I build oak barricade, it shows up as an invisible block in the game world.

Marble shows up as a “bugged” block. I can see a blank polygon and now can see inside the game from the inside out from this broken polygon up to the surface. It shows me all sprites, but no longer shows me tiles I’m viewing through. Interesting bug, it’s like a window. Sometimes it’s useful, I can see lava underground, like x ray vision.

My server is the regular unzipped server.

Client setup:

I installed forge 1.7.10 1258 inside multimc

inside multimc I created a new instance called dw20

I set the client to 1.7.10

I installed forge client 1.7.10 1258

then inside multimc I opened the the instance folder dw20

from ftb launcher - edit mod pack - open folder

Drops me to


I navigate to


copy contents to

dw20 instance folder that is open

run dw20 instance inside multimc

btw, I also have optifine for 1.7.10 a4 or something like that in my mods subfolder of dw20

the ingame ui’s seem to world, knighted zombies show up, plants show up, custom ore, etc. For some reason oak barricades and marble are bugged.


i needed forge 1231 for tinkers construct to work, v 1258 wasn’t working.