Direwolf20 1.12 pack lagging like crazy


Pretty much i dont know if it counts as modified but my direwolf20 pack when first time downloaded crashed because of applied energistics 2. Dont know why dont care because i just updated ALL of the outdated mods.
Pretty much unplayable lag spikes


Yes that counts as modifying the pack - when a pack is created all the mods in the pack are tried and tested against each other - and it’s done on version level of the mods. If a mods version change, that could mean that other mods stop working as intended.

I would advice you to restore the pack - and if you have issues with that, post full log and we’ll try and see what’s wrong.

If you still want to keep the current setup, you need to give full information about what mods you’ve updated + full log - then you’ll need patience and wait for someone that could take a look at the pack - this will be harder as you basically have a custom pack due to all changes (even if the base is Direwolf20 1.12).

You’ll find instructions here on how to get full log:

If paste.feed-the-beast.com (that’s mentioned in the guides), is down - use paste.ubuntu.com instead.


K ima try to restore it.


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