Direwolf20 1.12 Disconnect when joining server


When attempting to join my friend’s server, I get “Timed out” “Disconnected” “Javaio exception by remote host” and “JavaIO exception aborted by software on host machine”. Its usually a different one every time. Every once in awhile i’ll be able to get on and play for HOURS at a time, but eventually ill crash between dimensions or using the /home and wont be able to get back.

Things ive tried:

*Reinstalling the modpack
*Deleting and reinstalling Java
*Repairing the modpack
*Updating AMD drivers
*Completely resetting my PC
*Use a different account
*Using different versions of Forge
*Allocating various amounts of RAM
*Restarting server (It’s my dad’s server, Yeah, were 2 grown men playing minecraft)
*Modifying Time out timer on server to 99999, and enabling fly (It booted me a couple times)
*Restarting Router
*disabling EVERY firewall I had, Even making exceptions in the outbound windows firewall
*Flushing DNS
*Switching online-only to Offline mode
*Adding Optifine to client

Here’s my latest log, this is my first time every posting like this, so I truly apologize if I am doing it incorrectly.


Update: Problem persists. I can ONLY log in when nobody else is connnexted to the server. My dad doesnt experience this, He is the host. My Brother and I cannot get on at the same time. He is prompted with the same errors.


Forgot to mention Were all on seperate networks. Completely different locations.


Hey hello, I’m experiencing the same issue, were you able to fix it?