Direwolf20 1.12 crashing on launch


my game keeps crashing the instant that it would normally finish loading, and i have no idea why. any help would be appreciated, below is the log



Update your graphics driver, restart your computer and try again.

Post new log if it still fails.


Now it gets stuck on “building terrain” I had to manually kill Minecraft



Still a old driver.

Get the latest one at nvidia.com/drivers and do a clean install (that’s done by selecting advanced in the install wizard and then checking the box for clean install)


I did all that and now minecraft crashes and closes again



First make sure you have a backup of your world, then use MCEdit to remove this block:

Name: minecraft:tile.mob_grinding_utils.fan // mob_grinding_utils.tile.TileEntityFan
Block type: ID #2186 (tile.block_painted_carpet // crazypants.enderio.base.block.painted.BlockPaintedCarpet // enderio:block_painted_carpet)
Block data value: 9 / 0x9 / 0b1001
Block location: World: (110,87,398)

Post new log if it still fails.


I tried deleting the block with no change, so then i went 1 step further and disabled mob grinding utilities all together and it make it to the end of “loading terrain” before crashing (instead of “building terrain”)


thanks for your patients thus far


What caused the initial crash?


initially it was crashing when loading new dimensions (rftools dimensions, mining dimension, ect) and after one such particular crash, it stopped working all together


Try and load a backup of your world that’s before that initial crash.


i did try that, they all do the same thing