Crashing, when trying to launch minecraft


Hello there! I have a very strange problem with launching modded minecraft. On other computer this works perfect but on my it’s always crashed. i tried to update java, but it didn’t help. Crash log; log


Looks like your GPU (driver) does not support OpenGL45 which is requested by one the mods.


Okay, sorry that i didn’t answer. How can i fix that, if i have Amd graphics card? I tried to search something about that, but these solutions don’t help. Or it just doesn’t support, and i must buy new one?

I looked at the version of OpenGL and it’s a 4,6.


Okay, It’s a new(or not) crash files. Crash file:


Update your driver:

Post new log if it still fails.


Okay, after some days, trying to do this, i can make a decision-It doesn’t work.


Did you update your drivers with drivers from AMD or via windows update?

Uninstall all drivers and re-install using the ones downloaded from amd (even if you did install from AMD, please re-install, reboot and try again)


I don’t know what to do. it just didn’t help. Crash logs are same, i’ll try again to do it.


If you don’t know what to do then what is “it” which did not help?