Crashes upon startup FTB Ultimate reloaded


I have allocated 6 gb of ram, java has been updated and I updated my drivers. Is there anything else I can try?


Update your graphics driver and post new log if it still fails.

question: do you have any 3rd party antivirus software on your system?


GeForce says I don’t have anymore updates and neither does Windows. There is Mcfee on there yes.


Here is where I have removed both MalwareBytes and Mcfee


Do a force update:

It started and began to load the mods and then quit.


Did you uninstall those?

If no and only disabled mcafee, make sure to add java and the game folder to whitelist/exception list.

If yes, really make sure everything is uinstalled and do a new force update.


Yes I did uninstall, I will double check through the control panel. Let me restart the computer and post a new log if it still fails


Okay I did a restart on the computer and i did still fail but how do I add Java and the game folder to whitelist/exception list? or was that only if I disabled Mcfee?


If you made sure to uninstall then you should not need to add to whitelist.

But it looks like something is blocking, perhaps you should do a hijack scan and share the result from that:

(instructions borrowed from #minecrafthelp (irc-channel with community help for vanilla minecraft)

Trend Micro HijackThis is a utility that is used to collect diagnostic reports of your computer to help narrow down an issue you may be having. Download:

Run the program, choose “I accept”, then “Do a scan and save a log file”. After a while a text file will open. Copy everything, put the log on and share the link


Alright I will have to get back to you on that busy schedules and everything.


Okay here you go with the Hijack Log