Crash on launch



So when i start FTB all it does is paste an error report on my desktop. If i try to launch it through twitch it crashes once i press play within the launcher. Vanilla minecraft works without any problems. I have the latest Java installed and latest nvidia drivers. Below i will post the Crash Log.

So here i was trying to launch it in safe mode, but i did not have a mouse and keyboard in safe mode i i had to restart it. so when my pc started again i launched the launcher and it worked!! but when i started it again it was broke again. So i went to safe mode again and restarted again and imidiatly launched the launcher and it worked.

Then it hit me it was something that launched later that was causing the troubleā€¦ Since i had already shutdown RivaTunerStatistics before i decided to shut down MSI Afterburner and turns out this was the issue. MSI afterburner somhow makes the launcher crash.

thank jikuja to put me in the right direction somehow he was partly right.


Can you try .jar version of the launcher? (Marked as linux version in FTB website)

Other solution I could think is disabling C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\RTSSHooks64.dll for java process.


Both these options did nothing and im out of ideas