Continuum crashes while launching


What should I do?


Follow this guide to make sure the game is using Nvidia instead of Intel.

Here’s a Youtube video on the matter (and some other settings as well):

Post new log if it fails again.

And some tips:

  • Uninstall all old java, install only the latest Java 8 64-bit version
  • Do not allocate 10gb of ram, that is way too much and can cause issues for you - 4-6gb should be enough
  • Update graphics drivers
  • If D:\Program Files\ is a system created/owned/handled path, you should consider moving your installation to a folder that you create manually and “own” permission on as a normal user. If this is a manually created folder, then you’re good


Here is the new log.The things I did were:
-I uninstalled all the java(I had 2 different versions) and I downloaded the latest 64 bit java from
-I decreased the Ram I allocated to minecraft,now it’s 6 gb.
-I checked the graphic driver if its updated or not,and yeah it was already updated.
-D:\Program Files isn’t a system created file,I created it so I didnt make a change there.
-I also watched the video you sent and changed every setting as the man did.But still…crashed :s


Your drivers are from 2017 and 2018, those are not up to date - how did you check this?

According to your log, your still using the intel card, so please check again and make sure to use your nvidia one.


Yeah,my bad,now I think I updated Nvidia and I’m actually using it (Tried reading the log,and saw the differences between the old one,and I guess I did what you wanted.)

New log:

Sorry if I messed something up again =p


Now those 2 look better.

Can you also do a force update of the pack, instructions can be found here:

Post new log if it still fails.


Okay,now it works.Thank you so much ^^