Can't access to my world



hello, i’m playing on direwolf 1.12 and since two days I can not access my world anymore. the loading remains stuck on “loading world, building terrain” but my other worlds still work … i do not know what to do, can u help me? thanks.


Please follow instructions found here to get full log:


here are the log :


Did something special happen, power outage, crash, etc.?

Looks like there’s a issue with ender storage and the saved data for that.

You could try and restore your world to the latest backup
(check the backups folder for a backup of your world)


the backup is working, i can play in my world like before. Thanks for your help


Nice :slight_smile:


Having the same problem. where do i put the backup for it to work?


Basicly it was working then my pc crashed and hasnt worked since