Authentication failure with account on pc and mac


Same debug log on pc and for my mac:

[21:25:54] [INFO] in Launcher LaunchFrame.doLogin:719: Logging in... [21:25:54] [INFO] in Launcher AuthlibHelper.authenticateWithAuthlib:60: Beginning authlib authentication attempt [21:25:54] [INFO] in Launcher AuthlibHelper.authenticateWithAuthlib:61: successfully created YggdrasilAuthenticationService [21:25:54] [DEBUG] in Launcher AuthlibHelper.authenticateWithAuthlib:76: mojangData is null or empty [21:25:54] [DEBUG] in Launcher AuthlibHelper.isValid:175: authentication not valid [21:25:54] [DEBUG] in Launcher AuthlibHelper.authenticateWithAuthlib:134: this should never happen [21:25:54] [ERROR] in Launcher AuthlibHelper.authenticateWithAuthlib:159: Failed to authenticate [21:25:54] [DEBUG] in Launcher Benchmark.logBenchAs:71: Login Worker Run took 913 ms. [21:25:55] [DEBUG] in Launcher LaunchFrame$15.done:761: responseStr: nullResponse [21:25:55] [DEBUG] in Launcher LaunchFrame$15.done:778: Bad responseStr, not starting MC [21:25:55] [DEBUG] in Launcher Benchmark.logBenchAs:71: UnreadNews Init took 421 ms.


Have you bought minecraft? Do you have multiple profiles in your account?


Yep, I have bought minecraft. I am not sure about the multiple profile in my account. I just have one and it works fine when playing….


done… still no go.

Is there another way to verify my mojang account?


Yep, done that and checked my payment…. never mind… I will never be able to play ftb.. =(