Alpha numeric folder?


Operating System: Windows 10

Launcher Version: Latest

Link to Log:

Details of Problem: So, I just downloaded Curse and my user folder is Blast-H and when I tried to install the Minecraft launcher it told me “One or more of the folders in this path contains a special, non-alphanumeric character, please choose another folder.” So I figured it was the dash, I went to the control panel and changed it to BlastH and after restarting Curse this same message continues to pop up.


Not sure how you did the change, did it also change the folder-name?



Try and select a different target for the install (example: c:\games\something)


I got it to work thanks


Can you pls tell us how you did this?

I have the same problems but i cant fix it.

;-; feelsbadman


Start your own support thread, fill out the template and add log as well.