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Newest java 8 update(java 1.8.0_20) broke 1.6 and 1.7 packs. Remove java 8 and install java 7

When ever i try to log onto my minecraft server i get the folowing error

The following microblocks are not installed on this client: tile.openperipheral.sensor_1, tile.openperipheral.sensor_2, tile.openperipheral.sensor_3, tile.openperipheral.sensor_4, tile.openperipheral.sensor_5, tile.openperipheral.ticketmachine, tile.openperipheral.ticketmachine_1, tile.openperipheral.ticketmachine_2, tile.openperipheral.ticketmachine_3, tile.openperipheral.ticketmachine_4, tile.openperipheral.ticketmachine_5
i have deleted the mods form the server and put my client mods into the server folder. Can someone tell me what mod to put where i am uterly stuck.

asked 14 Feb, 15:52

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[Admin] Gaz492

You need to make sure that you have the same modpack version as the server or the server has the same version of the modpack as you. You can make sure that you have the same versiobn by clicking the download server button on the launcher with the modpack you want selected. The just extract the files to where you want them and start the server, it should work then.

(14 Feb, 16:00) [Admin] Gaz492

Do you have Open Peripherals and OpenModsLib on your client?

(14 Feb, 17:08) kylemcqueen75
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